Meet the Staff

We are fully staffed with qualified, caring and compassionate individuals.

We're pleased to introduce the following Connexions staff to you......


Melinda MacKeigan

Melinda MacKeigan had over 25 years of experience . The skills and training that Melinda developed over her long career in both residential and community based programs enhances Connexions' ability to provide excellent care and services to their clients . 

Melinda was a foster parent for the over 12 years of 4 children/adults each of whom required a high level of supervision, structured programming, love and attention.  Melinda had insight into what kind of support a family needs to meet the needs of the clients she works with, based on her fostering experience. 

Melinda's knowledge and experience working with intellectually and physically disabled adults and children in residential and staff supported setting, allowed her to build excellent programming to teach individual living skills, social skills, community outings and events that are now offered at Connexions. 

Melinda's positive and outgoing attitude provided a pleasant atmosphere where individuals  learn new skills by having fun!  Melinda was our founder !  R.I.P.

Steve Dobbs

Steve Dobbs is The Director of Connexions Adult Day Programs .    He has gained his experience providing one to one support for a young man who is developmentally disabled as well many complex medical and physical needs .   His support provided daily care in the young mans home as well as in the community.

Steve's positive attitude, friendly disposition and his ongoing humor are all great assets to our programs here at Connexions.

Steve continues to gain experience with individuals through provided training as well as on the job training, he is very eager to learn about each individuals needs, wants and desires!

Tamie Johnson

Tamie is a full time staff member .  She has gained her experience beginning with respite for children all of whom had developmental/physical disabilities .   She provided one to one support  with a young woman in her home as well as in the community.

Tamie has attended provided workshops and training to increase her  experience and knowledge.

Tamie is a very patient, kind and caring person who enjoys the time that she spends working with individuals at Connexions.

She has most recently become our trip coordinator and plans our out of town day trips , she researches and plans our trips and weekly events to assure that each indivdual will enjoy them .

She too is an asset to our program !